Episode 24 – Matthew Olivieri is Founder and CEO of AdSemble

Episode 24 – Matthew Olivieri is Founder and CEO of AdSemble

Episode 24 – Matthew Olivieri is Founder and CEO of AdSemble

Episode 24

Matthew J. Olivieri is the founder and chief executive officer of AdSemble, the leading online marketplace where advertisers can launch their own digital billboard campaigns completely self-service.

Matthew first conceived of the idea for AdSemble while traveling abroad in 2006. At that juncture, many countries in Europe and Asia had embraced digital billboard advertising and had populated major traffic corridors with digital signage. Sensing a potential opening for innovation, Matthew returned stateside and immersed himself into the nascent digital OOH space.

He soon discovered that most OOH media companies and advertisers worked directly with each other or through advertising agencies to sell, purchase and place digital OOH campaigns. Regardless of who bought and sold media to whom, the process was largely manual, relying on email, phone and even paper-based forms of communication and campaign management.

Within a few years, Matthew transformed his initial curiosity into AdSemble, the first online marketplace to bring together advertisers and digital out of home media companies. Launching first in San Francisco, AdSemble today connects advertisers and media providers in over 56 Markets across the United States including the New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago metropolitan areas.

As CEO, Matthew is deeply committed to building an inclusive company culture rooted in core values that employees live and breathe. He also believes that all AdSemble employees have a seat at the culture-building table. Underlying those values is a foundation of delivering exceptional service daily and across all customer touch points.

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