18 – Peter Nixey – Founder of Intentional.io

Episode 18

“If you have a bootstrapped company, you should STFU quietly and get on with it because you don’t want others digging into the same space you are creating.” My next guest on The Shobeir Show is Peter Nixey, Founder of Intentional.io, who adamantly believes in bootstrapping his company.

Peter Nixey, Founder of Intentional.io, is a simple way to plan your day. A day planner that focuses on managing your time rather than your tasks. Previously Peter was the Creator of Copyin.com, a Platform for Professional Communities built entirely in email, a Venture Partner at Breega, Pioneer Fund, and Entrepreneur First, the UK Founder of the Coca-Cola Founders Programme was CTO of Bojure, CEO of Pingpanel, and CEO of Clickpass that was one of the original YC companies from 2007.

Please join me in hearing Peter’s story on this episode of The Shobeir Show!

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