15 – Andrea Walne – General Partner at Manhattan Venture Partners

Episode 15

Left Brain (art, creativity, and feelings) versus Right Brain – (logic, language, and science).

Why not enjoy using to use both?

My next guest on The Shobeir Show, Andrea Walne, General Partner at Manhattan Venture Partners, describes how she went to two high schools one in the morning focused on the left brain and the one in the afternoon was the right brain. Many of her peers in tech leverage both left and right brains.

Andrea Walne is General Partner at Manhattan Venture Partners, “MVP” a traditional venture fund focused on the emerging secondary market for late-stage private technology companies.

Andrea is an advisor to Aumni, KingsCrowd, and Parallel Markets. Andrea previously worked as Head of Liquidity solutions for Carta, was Director of West Coast region opening up the new office for Nasdaq Private Market in San Francisco, Director of Growth Technology Partners, Co-Founder of Equity LLP, Co-Founder of Forge, and was US Account Exec at Experien working directly with Facebook.

Andrea is also a thought leader, as she’s made several appearances on Bloomberg TV. Please join me in hearing Andrea’s story on this episode of The Shobeir Show!

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