13: Chris Surdi- Angel Employee @ SourceGraph

Episode 13

Ever want to be an “Angel Employee” at a startup?

My next guest of The Shobeir Show, Chris Surdi, defines and gives insights on how to join an early-stage tech startup as a ‘hustler’ and salesperson.

Chris Surdi is a serial Angel Employee who currently runs strategic accounts at SourseGraph. Sourcegraph provides this enterprise developer platform to everyone else, helping startups and large enterprises ship better software faster and with less risk.

Previously, Chris was the first salesperson at Segment, a YC company acquired by Twilio. Before that, he was Enterprise Sales Executive at Braintree, which was sold to Paypal. Chris also started several companies in Phastcash, Global Executive Program, and Founding Team at PowerBeam.

Please join me in hearing Nikhil’s story on this episode of The Shobeir Show!

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